Lyrica medicine and what is the effect of Lyrica capsules on the brain?

Lyrica medication

Lyrica capsules appears as a new drug on the pharmaceutical market as an alternative to tramadol. Many users tend to use a cheaper alternative to tramadol, which is Lyrica, but unfortunately not many of them are aware of the seriousness of this drug.

One of the worst things that happen to an addiction patient, out of addiction to drug abuse to addiction to Lyrica, this drug is a newcomer in the world of addiction, so it is like a prisoner who got out of one prison. To another without realizing it.

It is known that narcotic drugs are among the most dangerous narcotic substances because of their negative effects on the patient even after stopping their abuse.

As the symptoms of its withdrawal from the body make the patient suffer greatly, and because its effect directly reaches the nervous system, its treatment sometimes requires the presence of a drug that deals with nerves, in order to reduce its effect.

What is a Lyrica?

The generic name for Lyrica is “pregabalin / pregabalin” which is an analog of gamma-aminobutyric acid and is used as an antiepileptic and analgesic.

It is used as an add-on in the treatment of partial epilepsy, whether it is used in the treatment of epilepsy if it expands throughout the body.

It can be used for addictive purposes and in potentially addictive situations. A high dose of pregabalin has been discovered by a pharmacist.

Known as Richard Silverman at Western University in the USA, the monarchy is the European Union 2004 royal family.

Pregabalin is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in epilepsy, diabetes, and bone pain.

Summer, nerve pain in December 2004, this drug appeared on the US market in mid-2005.

Lyrica or pregabalin work by blocking the extra movement of nerve cells (GABA), which has been studied in air.

Common names Lyrica

Pregabalin, like many other medicines, has a brand name, a scientific name and a chemical name And many of the names that were published in the same picture and the names that appear in the photo that announced the pregabalin advertisement, including the following:

  • 75 mg – Indogaplin
    50 and 100 mg – AVEROPREG
    150 and 300 mg – Depapalene
    – 75 and 150 volts and 50 volumes – Lyrica
    50, 75, 150, 200, 300 mg – Kimerica
    Jablofac 50, 75 and 150 volumes – GABLOVAC
    75 and 150 mg-Lyrrolene
    75, 150 and 300 mg – Benica
    50 and 100 accused – PREGDIN APEX

Confogabalin 150, Dragonor 50, Jablovac 50, Jablovac 150, Hexagabalin 75, Irenapatec 150, Chemerica 50-75-150-200-300,

Lecropalin 100, Lyribalin 50 – 150, Lyrica 50-150-300, Lirignor 75, Leroline 75, Painica75-150-300, Pregaba 100, Brigatrend 100

Brigden Apex 50-100, Pregavalex 150, Fraungapic 75-150.

There are a lot of names such as lyrrolene or pregabalin, and this is the order of this drug in the world of drugs, and there are a lot of drugs

Not registered in the list of prohibitions narcotic drugs.

Like “pregabalin or Lyrica”, you can use them to treat neuritis or epilepsy, and in order to prevent them you must send an official letter from the Central Pharmacists’ Department of the Ministry of Health.

Drugs seem to appear on drugs.

They are narcotic substances and may not be dispensed without a prescription.

Methods of abuse of Lyrica

The capsules appear half white and the other half red, and there are capsules half of them in white and there are capsules of which half are blue and the other half white.

The effect of Lyrica on the brain

It stimulates the α2 receptor alpha-2-delta subunit of the calcium channel dependent central nervous potential.

PAF, substance P and a chalasstonin peptide related genes are related genes but in various compounds (for example, benzodiazepines) that exert a treatment effect in binding to GABA A, the drug does not bind directly to these receptors nor does it strengthen GABA AA currents or perform the process. On the process of GABA metabolism that the use of Lyraca with alcohol causes major problems and this may lead to huge poisoning at times and this phenomenon has spread among adolescents.

For instructions, refer to Email abuse, but it’s true.

As the tramadol pills work on the central system of the human body, the Lyrica appears to help relieve pain from the nerves resulting from the withdrawal of tramadol pills from the reflex.

To clarify this point we say, we say, we say, we say

The withdrawal of tramadol from the body, and the withdrawal symptoms of tramadol and several dangerous.

What concerns us about this is that the withdrawal symptoms of tramadol are neuritis of the stopped person.

When taking tramadol, it causes severe pain.

This medication is prescribed for use during treatment. Instead of drugs

The effect of Lyrica on the brain

Drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation, difficulty concentrating, swollen legs, and weight gain in some cases.

There are a small number of those who use Lyraca, their symptoms may be depression, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm.

States, work and businesses

Lyrica brand by Pfizer USA

Lyrica medicine correlation with sex

It is believed that its effect on nationality. These types of drugs have become.

Medical and scientific truth in the event of an effect in the case.

It might be intense in the future, not just in nationality. Public health as a whole, Lerca Combat treats inflammation as mentioned earlier

Statistics and facts

Lyrica causes deformation of fetuses in children.

It is a drug used to treat nerves and its addiction is much more dangerous than other types.

Among the dangerous effects also:

Difficulty sitting, sitting, or restless (Akathisia), increased anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Scores of ideas from the start.

A report that the most users of Lyraca in Egypt are from the class of school and university students, American studies have proven that it is an antiepileptic drug, which is a study of painkillers in the United States of America on drug abuse. This ranking is second only to her abuse ranking, after marijuana. The statistics sent 5.1 million people using German painkillers in 2010.

Addiction treatment, medicine, medicine, medicine name to:

First: get rid of toxins.

The first stage: the preparatory stage and behavioral rehabilitation, the first stage, the patient stage, where he is fully aware of the reality of his problem and disease.

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